The Institute

The New Production Institute emerged from the interdisciplinary research group “Value creation” of the Laboratory of Production Engineering (LaFT) at the Helmut-Schmidt-University in Hamburg.

As a think tank for the future of value creation and production, the experts of the New Production Institute are involved in various projects dealing with the transformation of value creation systems against the backdrop of new possibilities for networking and production in times of digital transformation. In particular, the focus is on the operationalization of openness in new modes of value creation (open innovation, open design, open production, and open source).

An interdisciplinary team

In this context, new value creation patterns are being explored, integrating insights from the fields:

  • Design and value creation theory
  • Mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology
  • Knowledge and social economy
  • Participatory research
  • Economic geography
  • Law

The institute’s employees have many years of national and international project experience and have a broad spectrum of network and project partners as well as numerous memberships in scientific and industrial associations and knowledge clusters.