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Effective knowledge management in education

Which processes and structures promote digital teaching and effective knowledge management in educational institutions?

The support provided by digital educational elements in the training process should be a viable pillar of every modern educational institution. However, in order to develop future-proof concepts for digitization in educational organizations, the actors of the educational institutions should be involved in an iterative process in the conceptual development and the practical integration of the digital infrastructure into already existing structures and processes in order to capture and use the already existing knowledge of the institution and the existing needs within the socio-technical system.

The scientific elaboration of the basic features of digital teaching, the blended learning approach, and integrated organizational development is based on theories, methods, and concepts of organizational theory, sociology, and knowledge management.

The discussion and exchange of didactic scenarios and concrete teaching elements mean a significant added value for the teachers, the learners, and finally the educational offer of the entire training institution. Through the inter-organizational collaboration of the teachers, knowledge management is intensified on a concrete level. Furthermore, the exchange of knowledge with the institutions surrounding the respective training institution is strengthened.

The New Production Institute supports communication and exchange on the digitization of teaching. At the ILIAS Conference 2019 in Dresden, the project “Introduction of blended learning at the Bundeswehr technical colleges” was presented in the lecture “Strategies of digital transformation using ILIAS” and contributed to the professional discussion.

In particular, the experiences regarding the scientific-systematic introduction of teaching staff, the scientifically accompanied development and implementation of blended learning teaching and learning scenarios, and the associated theoretically-conceptually prepared introduction of interorganizational knowledge management opened up a practical insight into the strategies of digital transformation.

In the projects on digital teaching, the New Production Institut also relies on openness, works with Open Source software and, where possible, with open educational resources, and builds on the same theoretical approach of openness. For the realization of the project, the staff cooperates with the e-learning coordination office of the Helmut-Schmidt University.

Facts and figures

Project title: Blended learning and learning management system at the leadership academy
Runtime: 2021-2024

Project title: Blended Learning an den Bundeswehrfachschulen
Runtime: 2021-2023

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Dr.-Ing. Tobias Redlich