As the initiator and co-designer of many projects and initiatives, the New Production Institute works together with numerous cooperation partners and is active in numerous associations. In this way, a broad network of diverse stakeholders has developed over the years, on the basis of which the research of the NPI can be effectively implemented and further developed.

As a partner in cooperative projects with other research institutions, companies, or associations, as well as an active member and supporting force in scientific societies, programs, and academies, the New Production Institute works to address current societal challenges by using scientific methods to generate and implement the latest research findings and concepts, including in the areas of:

We thank our cooperation and network partners for the good cooperation! Our partners and networks are listed below in alphabetical order. Clicking on the logo will take you to the respective partner website.


If you are interested in cooperating, please contact us. We welcome any exchange of information to deepen and implement our research work in a transdisciplinary way.