“Value creation” is the central concept of our interdisciplinary research.

Since 2010, we have been looking at the theory and change of value creation systems – in the form of scientific publications, project work, and with an interdisciplinary perspective.

The New Production Institute brings these perspectives together.

Zukunft der Wertschöpfung

Redlich, T., Moritz, M. et al. (eds.): Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven zur Zukunft der Wertschöpfung, Springer 2018: 1-6.

Journal articles / book chapters / conferences

Global collaboration, local production -
Fab City als Modell für Kreislaufwirtschaft und nachhaltige Entwicklung
Hrsg.: Moritz, M., Buxbaum-Conradi, S., Redlich, T., Wulfsberg, J.P.2024Open Source Software, Open Source Hardware, Interdisciplinarity, Circular EconomyLink
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Semi-Automatic Generation of Assembly Instructions for Open Source HardwareMariscal-Melgar, J.C.;
Hijma, Pieter; Moritz, Manuel; Redlich, Tobias
2023Open Source HardwareLink
Socio-technical Factors Influencing the Usability of Machine Tools
An Explorative Study to Survey Central Areas of Influence on Usability from the Perspective of Users, Trainers and Developers
Lange, Luisa, Buxbaum-Conradi, Sonja, Redlich, Tobias and Wulfsberg, Jens P.2023Open Source HardwareLink
Exploring Fear and Hesitancy among Machine Tool Operators – A socio-technical approach on enhancing machine tool usability from a developer, educator and user perspectiveLange, L., Conradi, S., Redlich, T., Wulfsberg, J. P.2023Open Source HardwareLink
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A Method for Calculating Optimum Digital Twin FidelityKober, C., Fette, M., Wulfsberg, J.P.2023Digital TwinsLink
Relations of Digital Twin Fidelity and Benefits: A Design-to-Value ApproachKober, C., Algan, B.N., Fette, M., Wulfsberg, J.P.2023Digital TwinsLink
Pushing the Frontiers of Personal Manufacturing with Open Source Machine Tools.Omer, M., Redlich, T., Wulfsberg, JP.2023Open Source HardwareLink
How user innovation communities contribute to sustainability transitions. An exploration of three online communities.Peuckert, J. & Kern, F.2023User innovation communitiesLink
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Moritz, Manuel; Omer, Mohammed; Redlich, Tobias; Wulfsberg, Jens P.
2022Open Source HardwareLink
The journey of Fabulaser Mini: designing, making and documenting of an open source, Fablab produced, laser cutterIngrassia, Daniele; Honda, Liane; Di Martino, Gaia; Kohlen, Mark; Redlich, Tobias2022Open Source HardwareLink
Democratizing Manufacturing – Evaluating the Potential of Open Source Machine Tools as Drivers of Sustainable Industrial Development in Resource Constrained Contexts.Omer, M.; Kaiser, M.; Moritz, M.; Buxbaum-Conradi, S.; Redlich, T. et al.2022Open Source HardwareLink
What are the Role and Capabilities of Fab Labs as a Contribution to a Resilient City? Insights from the Fab City Hamburg.
Hildebrandt, L.; Zadow, S.; Lange, L.; Langhammer, M.; Moritz, M.; Redlich, T.; Wulfsberg, J.P.2022Open Source HardwareLink
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Customization: Bridging Smart Products and Manufacturing Systems.
Krenz, Pascal; Stoltenberg, Lisa; Markert, Julia; Saubke, Dominik; Redlich, Tobias2022Sustainable ManufacturingLink
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Identification Of Action Areas For The Promotion of Local Manufacturing In Reference To System TheoryKrenz, P.; Stoltenberg, L.; Markert, J.; Saubke, D. (forthcoming)2022Sustainable Manufacturing, Circular Economy
Prosuming und Nachhaltigkeit. Partizipative Wertschöpfung zur Förderung von Gestaltungskompetenz im Rahmen der Bildung für nachhaltige EntwicklungStoltenberg, L.; Krenz, P. (forthcoming):2022Sustainable Manufacturing, Circular Economy
Open Source Hardware and Decentralized Urban Production for Urgently Needed Products during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hildebrandt, L; Moritz, M.; Redlich, T.; Wulfsberg, J.P.2022Open Source HardwareLink
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Monographs and editorial work

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Dissertation: Open PPS
– Konzeption eines Modells zur Produktionsplanung
und -steuerung für dezentrale, vernetzte und offene
Hildebrandt, Lennart2023Open ProductionLink
Dissertation: Who are your Design Heroes?: Finding and Understanding Lead Solvers in Innovation-Contest CommunitiesMoritz, Manuel2022Sustainable InnovationLink
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