The OpenLab Microfactory in the Pop-Up Circular Hub

The OpenLab Microfactory is a small-scale factory with various digital manufacturing machines, such as a small laser cutter, a CNC milling machine and a 3D printer from the OpenLab Starter Kit, a set of open-source machine tools: In the Pop-Up Circular Hub, the New Production Institute of Helmut Schmidt University presents a small-scale factory in the middle of the city on more than 50 square meters.


Grand opening of the OpenLab Tunis

We were delighted to officially inaugurate the OpenLab Tunis at the CETTEX. The OpenLab Tunis is an open laboratory for digital manufacturing to promote innovation and local value creation with digital manufacturing tools on the way to Industry 4.0 in Tunisia.


Indonesian delegation visits OpenLab Hamburg

Visit to OpenLab Hamburg by Renata Siagian, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia Hamburg, Colonel Budi Wibowo, Head of the Defense Department / Defense Attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Berlin, and Vice Air Marshal Arif Widianto.


New book publication on “Global collaboration, local production”

This open access book, published in May 2024, provides current, interdisciplinary research insights into the Fab City concept. An approach that describes how modes of production and consumption can be designed. The work includes contributions from the fields of Citizen & Collaborative Innovation, Circular Design & Economy, Open Source Software Tools, Digital Product Passport, Federated (Open Source) Systems and Economic Governance.


Fab City Haus official partner of the Discovery.Hamburg tour

Improving the competitiveness of the Port of Hamburg depends to a large extent on various innovative factors. The revolutionary technology of 3D printing plays a central role in sustainably strengthening competition. To give interested and enthusiastic actors from the maritime and logistics sectors an insight into the current state of the technology, the Fab City Haus is inviting them to open its doors as part of the Discovery.Hamburg tour.


Hackathon ‘Innovating Together’, Tunisian-German Cooperation

At the beginning of March 2024, the New Production Institute leads a one-week hackathon to solve industry-relevant problems in the OpenLab Tunis at the CETTEX technical center in Tunis, Tunisia. In the hackathon, the work in an open laboratory for production technologies will be tested in a practical way using various industry-specific cases and the prototyping process will be monitored.


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