Our farm bot hibernates 

On the 29th of November 2022 the New Production Institute put the Farmbot into storage for a winter break. But before the Farmbot was put into hibernation, the partners involved, Klimaschutzstiftung Hamburg, Fab City Verein Hamburg and Helmut Schmidt University, met to discuss the results of the first test phase. 


Legal Issues of Open Source Hardware

On 11th November 2022, the workshop "Legal Issues of Open Source Hardware" of the cooperation partner Bucerius Law School took place at Fab City Haus. Legal issues around the topic of Open Source Hardware (OSH) in the areas of IP rights, licenses and liability were discussed.

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Luisa Lange (HSU) und Stefanie Teichmann (HPA) vor dem OpenLab Port

OpenLab Port: 3d printing in the port industry

At OpenLab Port, the possibilities of 3d printing for the production of spare parts for the port industry are to be tested. In addition, trainees in the port industry will be introduced to manufacturing with digital technologies. 


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