Fab City Haus official partner of the Discovery.Hamburg tour

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We are delighted to be an official partner of the Discovery.Hamburg Tour and invite interested and enthusiastic maritime and logistics actors in and around Hamburg to visit the Fab City Haus.

📢 There we will present the latest developments and Fab City Hamburg research results on digital fabrication technologies that support local and decentralised manufacturing processes.

Our aim is to promote sustainable and resilient urban development by paving the way for independent supply chains through urban production, while at the same time driving the expansion of technological education and innovation in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

👉 All further information about the tour can be found at Discovery.Hamburg

An initiative by the homePORT Hamburg, Logistik-Initiative Hamburg Management GmbH, Digital Hub Logistics GmbH (gefördert durch Connected River, Interreg North Sea, Co-funded by the European Union)

Funding dtec.bw-Projekt Fab City

The Fab City research project is funded by dtec.bw – dtec.bw is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

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