Boost innovation towards an Industry 4.0 in Tunisia

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As part of the initiative Digital4jobs and within the framework of the national initiative “towards an Industry 4.0 in Tunisia” the New Production Institute is implementing an Open Laboratory for Digital Manufacturing to promote innovation and local value creation with digital fabrication tools towards an Industry 4.0 in Tunisia. The open digital manufacturing lab (OpenLab Tunisia) will be a space for experiencing and experimenting with relevant digital manufacturing technologies in the hardware domain bringing different stakeholders and partners together.  

Therefore, we will build part of the digital machine park of the future lab on our own together with the stakeholders from the Technical Centers. We will ensure that the future users learn how to build, use, maintain, advance, modify and repair the machines on their own. 

From 21st-22nd November 2022 we implemented an assembly workshop with different technical centers at CETTEX, the Technical Center for Textiles, in Tunis. The workshop started after an introductory presentation of the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, the project management of HSU, the project partner GIZ as well as the technical center CETTEX where the workshop took place and the OpenLab Tunisia will be implemented. The project is financed by GIZ.

The goal of the workshop was to assemble 25 Prusa printers with 50 participants of Tunisia’s technical centers. In the end of the workshop every team was successful, and the first printings could be tested and distributed among the participating Technical Centers.  

“As a project manager I can tell that I was extremely pleased with the level of involvement of all the Technical Centers, the openness, and how all the participants of the workshop were eager to learn new skills. I think with the coming workshops next year we will consolidate even further the community of likeminded people around the concept of Open Source machines and its potential to boost the Industry 4.0 in Tunisia.”, the project manager Dr. Juan Manuel Grados Luyando stated after the workshop. 

The next project year will start with a machine building workshop for 3d printers in Tunisia, where new 3D printers will be built from scratch instead of using a prepared kit to gain more in-depth knowledge on how to create, adapt and maintain these types of machines. 

Das Projekt wird von der Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) gefördert. Read more about the project via: 

Authors: Sissy-Ve Basmer-Birkenfeld and Dr. Juan Manuel Grados Luyando