Fab City

As part of the interdisciplinary research project Fab City, we are establishing a new type of urban value creation by means of decentralized and open production workshops (so-called open labs) in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

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We are developing a digital infrastructure that enables fab cities and regions to bundle the knowledge generated in global knowledge networks in the sense of commons-based peer production, and not only to produce locally in line with demand.

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Startup Port

In order to bundle and expand startup support for startups from science in a structured manner, universities and research institutions from the Hamburg metropolitan region have joined forces with institutions from business and politics in the project "Startup Port - Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region".

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The main objective of the Digital4jobs project and related research activities is to empirically investigate how the concepts of Open Labs and Open Source Appropriate Technologies [OSAT] can contribute to technological empowerment of local people and bottom-up development of the economy.

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Digital Education

Not only since the beginning of the corona pandemic has the introduction of digital educational elements profoundly influenced the educational process and the respective structures in learning institutions.

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Places Of Incubovation

The central goal of the project is to promote bottom-up innovation and interdisciplinary research in Tunisia through open fabrication and open-source hardware laboratories as part of the German government's Africa strategy.

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