The OpenLab Microfactory in the Pop-Up Circular Hub

The OpenLab Microfactory is a small-scale factory with various digital manufacturing machines, such as a small laser cutter, a CNC milling machine and a 3D printer from the OpenLab Starter Kit, a set of open-source machine tools: In the Pop-Up Circular Hub, the New Production Institute of Helmut Schmidt University presents a small-scale factory in the middle of the city on more than 50 square meters.

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Luisa Lange (HSU) und Stefanie Teichmann (HPA) vor dem OpenLab Port

OpenLab Port: 3d printing in the port industry

At OpenLab Port, the possibilities of 3d printing for the production of spare parts for the port industry are to be tested. In addition, trainees in the port industry will be introduced to manufacturing with digital technologies. 


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