OpenLab Port: 3d printing in the port industry

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Luisa Lange (HSU) und Stefanie Teichmann (HPA) vor dem OpenLab Port

Together with our research partner Hamburg Port Authority, we were able to open the OpenLab Port as part of the Fab City project, funded by, in July 2022. At OpenLab Port, the possibilities of 3d printing for the production of spare parts for the port industry are to be tested. In addition, trainees in the port industry will be introduced to manufacturing with digital technologies. 

The OpenLab port serves as an application context for our interdisciplinary research approach to explore the conditions of decentralized urban production, a so-called Living Lab. In the lab, there are several 3d printers available for use. The knowledge transfer is facilitated in regular workshops to show citizens, students and trainees the process from drawing CAD to printing 3d prototypes or products.