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A set of open-source machines for Open Labs and Fab Labs

A major milestone in the development of the OpenLab Starter Kit (OLSK) has been reached. On March 23, the team of InMachines Ingrassia GmbH presented together with its partner of the New Production Institute the first complete set of digital and fully documented fabrication machines.

The Open Lab Starter Kit aims to create a repository of open source machines that can be replicated locally at lower cost, allowing anyone to modify the process to suit their needs.

🔊 What’s in the OLSK?

A basic set of eight open source machines!

• Small format CNC-milling machine
• Large format CNC-milling machine
• Small format 3D printer
• Large format 3D printer
• Small format laser cutter
• Large format laser cutter
• Vinyl cutter
• 3D scanner


All open-source digital fabrication machines are documented on GitHub, a network-based version management service for software development projects, which allows to transfer the knowledge behind the machines.

All links to the respective repository can be found here: InMachines Ingrassia

Photos: HSU/UniBw H РUlrike Schr̦der

The OLSK is part of the project Fab City at Helmut Schmidt University, University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg and is funded by the Center for Digitalization and Technology Research Center of the German Armed Forces ( which we gratefully acknowledge. is financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.