Open Production – a new model of value creation

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Open Production (or Open Manufacturing) is a new approach – a distributed, cosmolocal form of production in which physical objects are produced in an open, collaborative way based on open design and open source principles. It is more about peer production, collaboration, empowerment and participation of all citizens in global and local value creation.

In the following video, our research team gives insights into the world of open-source hardware machine tools and explains how its full documentation empowers users to replicate machines worldwide, fostering a future of decentralized manufacturing and innovation globally.

A special focus is on how microfactories promote decentralized manufacturing and local value creation and how exactly the OpenLab Starter Kit can contribute to this.

Join us in shaping the open production movement!

This video was created together with our partners from INMACHINES, the New Production Institute at HSU, and (video production).

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