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At the Future of Sustainability in Production joint booth by WGP, InMachines & the New Production Institute, we showcased the live demonstrations in form of a microfactory of open-source machines from the OpenLab Starter Kit. These cutting-edge machines exemplify a stride towards accessible and innovative production technologies.

Key Highlights

Open Lab Starter Kit

Our exhibition featured live demonstrations of versatile open-source machines, providing a firsthand look at how these innovations are reshaping production landscapes.

⫸ Recorded expert talk by Daniele Ingrassia: Open Lab Starter Kit – Replicable digital fabrication machines

Open Value Creation Systems

Going beyond machinery, we delved into open value creation systems. Our ongoing research demonstrates how collaborative initiatives are redefining production processes and contributing to sustainability – With the Open Microfactory concept, we are testing how digital manufacturing technologies can be used to create added value through the circular economy in local production!

⫸ Recorded expert talk by Michel Langhammer: Open and circular value creation in the Open Microfactory

It’s all about Collaborative Innovation

The joint booth wasn’t just about machines; it showcased collaborative innovation, open-source principles, and the pursuit of sustainable production practices.

A crucial step towards circular economy

Open Source Hardware through its open documentation, as digital commons, is a game-changer that democratizes innovation, production, and consumption. The user gains full control over technology which reduces vendor lock-ins. The right to repair becomes a reality where anyone with the skills can repair products, making them last longer. Open Source Hardware empowers technology literacy, with open documentation fostering local knowledge and global collaboration. It enables tracking and tracing of digital flows of knowledge and materials along the life cycle which can be further utilized as digital product passports – a crucial step towards a circular economy.

Open Source Machine Tools can be utilized in different ways, as e.g. the starter kit for Open Labs to set up an open Microfactory – small-scale, local sustainable, yet powerful.

The future is not only technologically advanced but also socially and environmentally conscious, and we are excited to contribute to this evolution.

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The OpenLab Microfactory is funded as part of the research project Fab City at HSU/UniBw H – is funded by the European Union NextGenerationEU.