Open-Source Hardware for the industry in Tunisia.

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PISWI – Self replicating OS spaces

End of July 2023 members of The New Production Institute (NPI) at Helmut-Schmidt-University participated on the inauguration of the “neotex 4.0 center” at Pôle de Compétitivité de Monastir EL Fejja (mfcpole) in Monastir, Tunisia.

⫸ During the event, our colleague Mohammd Mohammadifar presented the two initiatives of the NPI in Tunisia, namely, the project “Collaborative project: Incubation sites: Self-replicating, open production spaces as innovation incubators in Tunisia” also known as PISWI, and the project “Digital4Jobs – Digitization for job-creating growth in Tunisia” in partnership with the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH).

⫸ Both projects focus on knowledge dissemination and value creation thought the implementation of open-source hardware (OSH) and training on digital manufacturing technologies for innovation in the local industries.

⫸ The kick-off meeting had a successfully clustered some of the key companies active in the Tunisian market, such as:
DEMCO group, Advantry XTEXPRO S.P.A., OXYGEN, ETC Group, Enfavet, AZUREX SARL, ORTHO Group and SITEX, among others.