The Bali Fab Fest – Designing Emergent Realities

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Fab City Hamburg team together with Thomas Diez, Founding partner and director of Fab City Foundation, and Neil Gershenfield, Director Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT. This photo was taken right after Bali became the first Fab Island ever on the 17th of October – Huge congrats.

NPI and FCHH in Bali

From October 12 – 22 the New Production Institute and Fab City Hamburg team is present at the world’s biggest fabrication event in Bali, Indonesia Bali Fab Fest, Designing Emergent Realities.

The event connects Fab Cities and Fab Labs worldwide, enabling meaningful collaborations between innovators, makers, entrepreneurs, organizations, and the public sector. Together we face local and global challenges in times of digital transformation, climate change, global health crisis, and social exclusion.

On our way, aiming to produce (almost) everything we consume as a Fab City on a local basis by 2054, we brought the Open Lab Starter Kit to Bali, which comprises the first fully documented Open Source Machines such as a 3D printer or laser cutter (read more about OLSK here). The machines were developed by Daniele Ingrassia of InMachines Ingrassia GmbH in collaboration with the New Production Institute at Helmut-Schmidt University as part of the – Fab City project.

Workshop by Daniele Ingrassia at Jimbaran Hub in Bali – Building an open source laser cutter – the Fabulaser Mini. (Jimbaran Hub was made entirely of bamboo within 4 months this year in 2022, a sustainable and local material that is most suitable near the equator).

To enable local production, linked to a digitally based circular economy, we need to collaborate on a global scale via Open Source Software. The INTERFACER team presented the Fab City Operating System, a federated open source platform to share and collaborate on Open Source Hardware projects.

Raphael Haus and Wolf Kühr from Fab City Hamburg e.V. are presenting the Fab City Operating System, followed by in-depth discussions about the software.